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Our passion is investing in others.  Combining our 30 years in private practice, your skills in Dentistry and our marketing strategies, we can help you grow your practice with top-tier patients that will become raving fans.

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Number of patients in any given area that have the ability to choose their dentist

Hi. I am Dr. Paul Mabe, Founder and CEO of GOT MY SMILE BACK. Over the past three decades, I have tried almost everything in the area of marketing to help patients find our practice and become friends for life! (Direct Mail Post cards, Door Hangers, Welcome Wagon Discounts, New Neighbor Letters and Fliers, Newspaper ads with discounts for services, Free Tooth Whitening, $100 off on New Patient Services, Yellow page ads, Newspaper ads, Coupons in the back of the phone book) All of these worked to bring patients to our practice, as long as we had a discount or a “freebie” to get them in the door. I was not reaching the top tier patient who had the financial means to choose where they wanted to go for dental treatment.

For three decades my practice was highly insurance driven. During those years, using typical marketing strategies, we experienced solid double digit growth month after month. I really thought we were doing everything right. However, we were not consistently attracting the top tier fee for service patient.

       We decided to think differently about our marketing strategies. We started to target a specific audience who had money to spend on their smiles and were just looking for a doctor they could trust with their investment. I trademarked the slogan, GOT MY SMILE BACK and started using it on Cable, Internet, Radio, all Social Media Platforms and Print. Then it happened… we experienced Explosive Growth! Our collections doubled the first year and continues upward every year.

       Moving to a new advertising market and making an impact with our branding in the first 4 seconds, we were shocked when we experienced 110% growth in our practice the first year! The practice took off. Collections more than doubled. I have never seen such explosive growth like this before.

     It was an “Aha moment” for me when I had completed treatment on a patient who sat up in the chair and looked at her smile in the mirror and said, “Wow! I finally got my smile back!” She was so happy about her new smile and the confidence it gave her in life. So many of our patients have been saying the same thing, “Got my smile back!” We didn’t change anything in our practice. We didn’t add another office, staff or hours. All we changed was our target audience and branded digital, print and radio advertising with the words, “GOT MY SMILE BACK”. It was instantly identifiable, recognizable and memorable.

“Did you know that today’s consumer is influenced to make a decision about your business in the first 7 seconds of an advertisement? Seven seconds is all you have to capture their attention. That means you must be instantly identifiable, instantly recognizable and memorable, in order to call them to action. ”

Julia’s Story


Hello! My name is Julia Abrahamsen and I am the Marketing Director for GOT MY SMILE BACK. I graduated from Liberty University with BS in digital media production performance.  I am passionate about dental marketing and helping practices grow their digital media platforms. Growing up with both of my parents working in the dental field, I learned a lot about running a flourishing practice and how marketing plays a key role to its sucess. I remember placing door hangers after school around different neighborhoods to help spread the word about my father’s dental practice. However, the days of passing out door hangers has long since been over. The new format of digital marketing dominates the field and is the most instantaneous way to grow your practice with the click of a button. I am here to help move your practice to the top of the ladder with our trademarked slogan that is changing how practices capture life long top-tier patients.



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“We absolutely love hearing our patients quoting our commercials…”

Got my smile back and I love it!”  We’ve got our smiles back, too!”

“Thank you for creating responsive and effective Super Ads for our practice!  Our online presence has increased our New Patient numbers in the first two months!”

“You have such great ideas for marketing that I didn’t realize could even be a possibility for us and our budget! Thank you!”

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