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Content Branding, Online Marketing and Digital Advertising are our passions. Each advertising strategy is customized to your need and goals. Connecting you with Top-Tier patients is what we do. All day. Every day.

Content Branding

Developing a dental brand that identifies your practice across all platforms is key to an effective marketing campaign. Attracting patients with a clean and easy to read visual to compliment the professional services you provide. The Got My Smile Back slogan establishes trust with your current and potential patients. Each individual who views your marketing will relate to your content and think “that’s me” when hearing, seeing, and reading our professional marketing campaign made specifically for you. We bring the story full circle showing potential patients what life could be like after getting treatment at your office. Creating a brand that engages each patient by educating and connecting emotionally will make your practice rise above your competitors.


Production Package

Having video content on your website can increase conversions by 60%. People are 4x more likely to watch a video than to read about it. Our videos are produced to be customizable for your practice to drive the highest conversion rate. Each professionally produced commercial will make your practice identifiable, recognizable and memorable.

Production package Includes:

  • 2 Customized Got My Smile Back commercials
  • Custom Got My Smile Back radio commercial
  • Website video testimonials
  • Options to share audio ads on Spotify and Pandora
  • Options to share commercials through YouTube Advertising

Social Media Package

Let us transform your social media channels into thriving and engaging content that drives higher conversion rates. Stay focused on building your practice and let us keep up with posting on your social media channels. We have developed content that will help take your practice to the next level while keeping your brand consistent and professional.

Social Media Package includes:

  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Print Advertising 
  • Yelp Advertising


SEO Marketing

With hundreds of different dental practices vying for the top spot on the Google search pages we make sure your practice not only comes up but stands out. We have designed a method for the best Search Engine Optimization out comes. We will get your practice seen by the top-tier patients you desire through our Super Ads on Google.

Your Reviews – Your Silent Business Partner

Did you know 8/10 people trust reviews online as much as a recommendation given by a close friend or family member? Additionally, 48% of patients said positive reviews would influence them to go to an out-of-network doctor if their reviews were better than the in-network doctor. No matter what type of reviews you are receiving online they are impacting your practice more than you may expect – 82% of people seek to find only the negative reviews about a company. We help take your reputation to another level by guiding you along on the process of building an extraordinary reputation on all aspects of care.

Smile Gallery

The Smile Gallery is a place where patients can connect and visualize the life that they want to live with the beautiful new smile you are going to give them.  

Marketing Services created by Dentists for Dentists that make you stand out from your competition.


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